About Us

Our Company

We are an independent solutions provider in physical infrastructure. By that, we mean offering innovative infrastructural solutions for both your renewable energy and information technology network needs. Be it a business or home environment, we have the right solution that enhances your productivity at work, or allows you to enjoy solar energy at affordable costs. 

Our Mission

A leading infrastructure service provider in renewable energy and information & communication technology.

Our Vision

Through all-encompassing solutions and services that cater to renewable energy and lT infrastructure, we hope to create efficient and eco-friendly environments that improve the quality of people's lives.

What We Do

We provide two core services: IT Infrastructure Value Added Distribution and Solar Energy Solution. Our two diverse solutions have one thing in common - be it your workplace or at home, we build physical solutions that improve your work and everyday lives. That's why we call ourselves Ecosys Infrastructure. We deliver eco-friendly systems (for business and home environment) and IT cabling, racking, and software automation systems (for business environment) that are, in essence, infrastructural.

Our aim is delivering winning consultancy along with end-to-end solutions that reduce the dependency on conventional energy source, as well as providing durable and stable cabling, racking and software automation solutions.

We are fully committed to building systems that produce renewable energy and recreating a green environment. We feel that harnessing renewable energy as an alternative energy source is a positive step towards a better living for all on this planet we call home.

We believe in driving success. Utilising our years of industry experience, we provide unbiased, strategic advice to our clients to ensure that the project undertaken is aligned with their business or personal objectives, thus enabling them to enjoy superior ROI on their infrastructural investment.