IT Physical Infrastructure Value Added Distribution

IT Physical Infrastructure Value Added Distribution 

We offer consultancy and management services that help companies align their IT infrastructure with their overall business strategy, allowing them to enjoy integrated end-to-end solutions. Harnessing the best-of-breed brands and years of experience, our team of experts ensure that your structure cabling, networks, data centres, storage physical security, media/active components and other equipments are managed effectively and seamlessly.

Our advisory services include:

  • cable management consultancy
  • Advice on proper grounding
  • Optimised thermal management
  • Angled patch panel to increase rack density

IT Infrastructure

We start with assessing the current state of your physical infrastructure or the layout of your property if it is a completely new site. Planning at this stage is essential to optimise your environment. Once the blueprint is formed, the following steps are deployed:

  • You, the Project Manager and the main contractor finalised the overall design of the cabling systems
  • Activate the logistic department for procurement of products
  • Plan the project schedule to coincide with contractor schedule
  • Generate detailed diagram of points, routing, patch frame layout, etc. for approval
  • On-site standby of personnel during and after each installation phase
  • Activate maintenance programme
  • Handing over of documentation
  • Apply for certificates and warranty