Energy Efficient Cabinet

Energy Efficient Cabinet

Our racking solution comprises all the components necessary for an energy efficient cabinet that minimises operational costs (including lower energy consumption) and maximises space usage. It addresses common racking issues such as power, cooling, space and cable management challenges. 


Rittal's   all-in-one IT equipment racks offer solutions that enable you to pack in all. Used as a floor-standing, wall-mounted, under-desk or even desktop racks for small systems, these enclosures are ideal for IT setups with limited area. It caters particularly well to small businesses, home offices or anyone who wishes to save valuable office space which can be deployed for other usage.the components necessary for a swift deployment. From power distribution unit, climate control system, monitoring system to accessories, you can now have a complete solution in a single IT enclosure, all loaded and ready for action.

Armarac Modular Panel SystemArmarac

The Armarac Modular Panel systems allow you to install servers where you thought you couldn't. If space is a premium for your business, or where security and environmental control are important, the Armarac has the modular server system you need. Mounted on a flexible spine, it requires less than a quarter of the space necessary for a traditional equipment rack and can be configured to accommodate different sizes and types of equipment.

This ingenious wall-mount system eliminates the need to build a secure room or outfit a closet with sufficient space for a conventional rack with clearance needed in front and at the rear.

By centrally configuring Armarac units with all the infrastructure needed at each network location, ready-to-run systems can be shipped to branch offices, distribution centres or franchisees without having to rely on local contractors. A fully-configured Armarac system can also serve as a spare, and is ready to be deployed to any disaster site.