How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

Solar leasing affords you the benefits of enjoying clean, renewable energy without the financial burden that often comes with it. Rather than purchasing the solar panel system, we leases the equipment to you at only a fraction of the cost. As a leasing programme, you pay a monthly lease in the form of solar electricity tariff similar to what you pay for your normal electricity. The solar electricity tariff will rise or fall in tandem with the power grid's electricity tariff, except that you will always enjoy a discount, thereby saving you thousands of dollars every year.

With the solar PV system, your property will have two parallel power supplies - one from the solar system and one from the power grid. When the solar power is out (e.g. in the night), the power grid will take over the supply of electricity. The solar energy produced per annum is equivalent to the size of the system (Wp) x days in the year (365) x sun hours. If the solar supply exceeds your property's demand on electricity, the surplus power will be exported into the grid.

The design and installation of the solar PV system will be done by our professional team, usually at a landed property. As the panels are mounted on the roof, only minor electrical work is required in the property itself. Maintenance of the solar PV system is done by us at no cost. At the end of the leasing term, the system can be transferred to you at an agreed price or removed from the roof.

This grid connected system is an effective way for you to reduce your dependence on the conventional electricity supply while tapping on cleaner solar power. All you need is a roof with a minimal surface area and light from the sun.

With solar PV system, you're saving not just your money but the earth too.