Structured Cabling


Structured cabling is a critical component of the entire network and plays the vital roles of powering systems, transporting data and connecting a myriad of users. A good structured cabling solution should be designed to future-proof your investment and deliver top-notch performance over time.

Ecosys offers cabling solutions that meet every stage of your cabling lifecycle. From consultation, site survey, design/engineering, selection of cables and materials, professional installation, certification to maintenance, every project undertaken by us is handled with utmost care and thoroughness. Through an integrated approach, we make sure that all cabling deployments are done with the highest efficiency.

We handle any subsystems (Entrance Facilities, Equipment Rooms, Backbone Cabling, Horizontal cabling, telecommunications rooms / enclosures or work-area components) and all infrastructure types. Adhering to international standards, we ensure that cables are laid according to defined topologies.

ICT Cabling Solutions 

Ecosys provides information and communication technology (ICT) cabling systems that connect the IT equipment in our offices and data centres – from patch cords and wall outlets seen in the office, to cable running under floors and above ceilings, to connectivity panels that interface with active equipment within vast data centres.

Our cabling solutions cater not only for efficiency but also to the long-term needs of the organisation. They are reliable, flexible and scalable, and extend the lifespan of your network. They include:

Energy Cables - carrying energy across countries and continents, through air, underground and under the sea.

Industrial and Specialty Cables - From commercial buildings, public venues to factory floors, we serve an extensive range of markets.

Communications Cables - From copper and fibre aerial and underground communication cables to copper and fibre optic enterprise cables and system solutions., we meet the high-speed bandwidth needs of global communications networks.

As an independent service provider, we carry and recommend only brands that best suit your requirements. Here are our partners:   



Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) is a last-mile, point-to-multipoint access system that uses passive splitters in the fibre distribution network to enable a single feeding fibre to serve multiple users. It has higher bandwidth and greater efficiency as it uses larger, variable-length packages. With fewer truck rolls, thus more reliable, the benefits of using GPON are multi-fold. The system uses less power (no battery or power operated active components) with faster installation time, thus reducing your operating expense in the long run. Additionally, with up to 64 subscribers sharing a single fibre and a longer lifespan compared to copper cables, it requires lesser capital and maintenance expenditure. In fact, industry analysis indicates that you can enjoy between 35% and 50% savings in total.

At Ecosys, we offer a complete solution for GPON network deployment. From user requirement assessments, network design, project optimisation to final implementation, we have the capability to manage a turnkey project for you.